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Congratulations to the new President elect Barack Obama, called at 8PM PST. It is the time for a new beginning, a wonderful moment for America. Thank YOU God!!!!

WooHoo my girl’s back…. “Finally the tables are starting to turn….”

November highlights…. as usual November was chock-full of gooey-deliciousness just like every November, it’s no wonder I love the fall sooooooo much!!! Besides wedding anniversaries’ and birthdays, my first born, Trinon, turned 38, OMG I swear my kids are getting older than me, BigRyan’s 26, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of sparkling cider. We hosted 25 for Thanksgiving and had a very lovely day. Stella kept everyone amused walking “all over the where”… what a sight, she’s only 17 pounds and 28 inches tall, lol the turkey weighed more than that, so sweet our little pumpkin pie!!! Unfortunately Gina’s twin Tommy is still not stable enough to come home yet, they celebrated their 4th month on the 10th as we all continue to pray for the family. This was the first Thanksgiving without my dad; there was a huge hole in the day without him and my brother Tom. Mom and I remembered Tom on his birthday with a trip to the Huntington Beach cliffs. The salty air was magically healing as we watched the sky and saw a beautiful parting of the clouds that revealed a colorful prism, sort of a rainbow with no rain and no beginning and no end, just magical. John & Debi spent the day with mom that would have been she and my dad’s 62nd wedding anniversary…. eleven months and counting since he passed away, the first year is so very hard but life goes on and I’m learning not to concentrate on life’s unavoidable pain but rejoice and be glad in all the wonderful moments that fill each day besides there’s always something to look forward to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.C. & Riley chose a flock of ducks this year through Heifer International as one of their Christmas gifts from grama speedy and poppop Michael. When I asked Riley what else she wanted she said “Oh grama, I need some footwipes for my french fries, they got all hairy!!!” heheheh God, I love our grandkids =]

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