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We bid farewell to another year and those we loved…

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Death may be the greatest of all human blessings. ~Socrates

Thomas James, Gina Louise’s paternal twin, never was well enough to go home with his earthly family. He has instead been called home by his Heavenly Father and Jesus who teaches still, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” Matthew 19:13-15 Born three months premature, lived 5 months and a day, will be forever in our hearts. Tommy taught us unconditional love and the importance of letting go. Another tiny angel freed from pain and suffering to rest in eternal peace and be reunited one glorious day with his mommy, daddy, sister Gina and grandparents who morn not only for the loss of a baby but for their own child’s loss as well. My God, it’s been a hard few years. Three grandfathers/husbands/dads, an uncle/son/brother and baby/grandson/nephew/cousin have all suffered so and taught us all about letting go and loving unconditionally. Lessons that have changed our lives forever…. good-bye 2008.

On a happy note, Christmas/New Years really was wonderful. Michael and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and we love eachother more now than we ever have. My mom survived a whole year without dad. Our business is thriving, all our children and their families are happy and healthy and we are expecting another grandbaby this coming summer. I truly believe 2009 is going to be wonderful inspite of anything fate throws at us… after all it’s not what happens to you but how you handle it that matters and there IS “Good” in every situation.

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Embrace this moment... Remember we are eternal... All this pain is an illusion.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardners who make our souls blossom"~Marcel Proust

“Grief shared is half grief. Joy shared is double.” ~ Proverb

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken."~Albert Camus

"A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory."

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors."~African Proverb