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Bring It… 2012

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It’s been a year since I’ve posted so here’s a quick update on the fam for all you lurkers =]

Life is good… no life is awesome!!!! Hubby and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary a month ago and we are still best friends, business partners, parents, grandparents and best of all lovers. The four kids are all happily married home owners, with little ones of their own. They all choose to live within minutes of each other so we get to spend lots of time together. Family is everything. We have continued to enjoy my mom and look forward to her moving in with us. We do miss daddy and Tom terribly but honor them by living our lives to the fullest. I’ve lost over 70 pounds, hubby stopped smoking (July 2010) and we are enjoying an active healthy life style. The future is bright and promising and if God blesses us with more grandchildren what more could we ask for.

Avoid Stress Eating With These Dieters Tips

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Wondering how stress affects your resolve to lose weight? A new survey finds that if you’re a frequent dieter, you’re more likely to indulge in stress eating. What’s more, those who indulge during stressful times tend to pig out on calorie filled, fat laden junk foods.

Researchers suggested some dieters tips, including indulging in the occasional stress reducing foods like slice of cake might just make you less likely to binge on cake during a stressful time.

The thing is, if you’re always dieting, you might just give up when you’re feeling stressed - eating what you want, when you want it. It’s human nature, after all, to want to feel good, or avoid feeling bad. Food does this for many of us, and over time the association of food with love and good feelings grows so strong that it fuels cravings for years to come. Soon it feels unnatural not to eat as a response to stress.

Chronic stress keeps the body’s natural systems on high alert, ramping up the production of stress hormone cortisol, and one of the responses to long term stress is to search out very pleasurable foods… high energy choices with lots of fat and sugar. These foods help your body maintain its reserves and cope, and eventually dampen down the output of the stress system.

Earlier research has found that stress does cause biological as well as psychological changes that impact the kind of foods we crave and what we eat.

To understand more about food consumption and stress, the research team recruited 158 adult subjects to complete a question survey that uncovered some interesting things about stress eating cure.

Everyone in the survey who ate under stress also reported that they chose foods that were more calorific and were higher in fat, salt, carbs and sugar during these times.

Other findings of the survey include…

- Just 20% of respondents said they followed the same eating pattern whether stressed or not, about 40% ate less when stressed, 40% ate more.

- Stress overeaters had a much higher chance of being on a diet lasting at least 2 weeks, and yet they had wider waistlines, bigger hips and were heavier, on average, compared with those who didn’t eat under stress.

- Stress overeaters eat even unhealthier foods than those who don’t eat when stressed… the overeaters under stress preferred chocolate, candy or another sweets when stressed.

- On the opposite end of the spectrum, 40% of people who eat less under stress craved fruits, veggies and cheese during a stressful time.

In the long run, when it comes to stress eating and your weight loss goals, one of the best dieters tips is to figure how to manage the inevitable upheaval and tension with things other than food… exercise, deep breathing, a walk outside, time with a pet… whatever works for you.

It also helps to make the effort to learn about your feelings and what might be triggering them. Negative emotions, despite what you’ve been told, or told yourself, aren’t bad. They’re simply giving you a message that something isn’t right… what’s stressing you out or what needs to change. Ignoring the problem only makes things worse.


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2010 was awesome… 2011 will be even better!!!

What Happened to October & November????

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Falling into Fall =]

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There comes a time when autumn asks,
“What have you been doing all summer?”

And I answered, “I’ve been taking care of me.”

Autumn will be over before we know it and winter will be asking the same question.

Will you have the right answer?


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Thanks Bear, that’s exactly how I feel about nature =]

July **Sparklers**

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Summer has never been my favorite season… too hot for me even in coastal Southern California. This summer is going to be different…. in fact it already has been!!

I’ve been facing my stuff instead of stuffing my face and feeling like a million bucks… my goals will take a year or two but I’m high on life right now and know…. “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.” Stay tuned =]

11 weeks to Spark a change in my life

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I’ll be celebrating another birthday tomorrow… #63 =] and when I blow out all those candles I’ll be wishing for less of me to love. Yep, wishing for less instead of more!!

Last week we prayed our way as a family through a medical scare with my brother John. God answered those prayers generously and now in solidarity as a family we have all embarked on a “FAMILY FIRST HEALTHY CHOICES CHALLENGE” that will run from 6/21/10 to 9/6/10 (and beyond for some of us) as we tackle weight loss, heart disease, high blood pressure, smoking and exercise issues, as well as drug and alcoholism (there I said it) and all the emotional baggage that goes along with any addiction.

My addiction is food. But I’m NOT going on a diet, although I do have a lot of weight to lose, my goal is a life style change…. a new approach to nourishing my body…. to rewarding myself… to loving myself unconditionally. My goal is… “Eat to live not live to eat” “Eat to thrive not thrive to punish myself” “Eat to survive not eat to kill myself” “Eat to live life fully not hide behind the food that’s turned into debilitating fat”…. and I’ll be using a tool, probably for the rest of my life, called SparkPeople online. I encourage everyone to join (it’s free) and do whatever it takes to light(en) up your life…. don’t wait until you’re 63!

Eating is not my only addiction… I quit smoking 8 years ago and I’ve lost weight before so I know I can do it again. What I have realized is at 63 years old life is not going to wait for me… it will go on with or without me… so I choose to be around so I can participate in our childrens lives as they raise our grandchildren and as my love and I grow old(er) together and while my mom & brother are still around….. because family is everything to me. There is nothing more important… except perhaps ones health.

Beautifully Imperfect…….

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Happy 59th birthday to my perfectly imperfect husband… and in honor of Mother’s Day I know that these are the “little” things my mother remembers about my Dad =]

Stress Busters

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In contemporary society and in this rapid race of life, stressful situations are very hard to avoid. Stress can be harmful enough to damage your health, cause mental and physical problems and also spoil your performance. Excessive worry is a major factor in the vicious cycle of stress. The physical sensations of stress-tense muscles, headaches, insomnia and so forth lead to catastrophic stress-building thoughts which in turn heighten obnoxious physical feelings and increase the stress cycle. But you can learn to curb your stress-building thoughts and replace them with stress-busting thoughts. You need to talk to yourself in a comforting manner. You have to be coherent and have a lucid plan of action and then only you can trim down this superfluous stress. Incessant, unrelenting stress can lead to physical and emotional tribulations. But there are ways to cut down the unnecessary stress.

Stress busters can be both good and bad. It completely depends on the temperament of the person undergoing stress. People take up smoking to reduce stress. But this is again harmful to our health. Stress busters should be such that it will not only trim down the stress but also won’t harm your health anyway. A trip to the hair dresser or having a therapeutic massage can do wonders when you are under a lot of stress. Good nutrition is very important to give you fuel to fight with the daily hassles and stress. Meditation and other relaxation exercises are excellent and effective tool to reduce stress. Your stress will lessen down to half when you will share it with your closed ones like any of your family member, a friend or someone very special whom you actually reckon on.

Organizing the details of your daily life reduces stress to a great extent. Make a note of “to do” exercises and that will keep you sorted out. Follow a work as well as an exercise calendar preserving which will not only bring down your extra stress but will also pamper you with a well-defined and uncluttered life. While forecasting a schedule, you must take heed of your estimation. If you make a routine which is beyond your competence to finish off in a day then that would leave you dispirited as well as increase your stress for not being able to uphold it. Laughing is a brilliant stress releasing exercise which unravels your mind, body and soul completely. So, take on a little bit of humor in your life and make it more wholehearted and frivolous amidst all the stresses in life. Taking a fervent decision in your life by assimilating your desires lessen down your stress enormously instead of hurling into the depth of gloom and cynicism.

Stress is formulated from our responses to diverse situations in life that affects our normal balance. This is turn upsets us and unknowingly we get drawn towards a stressful phase. By and large this stress is born when we are fearful or in jeopardy by any incident. While undergoing stress, our adrenal glands release adrenaline, o hormone which activates our body’s defense mechanisms causing our hearts to pound blood pressure to rise, muscles to tense and pupils of our eyes to dilate. An extensive survey has shown that women with children have higher levels of stress related hormones than women without children. But this doesn’t imply that women without kids do not endure stress. A well balanced diet including a good amount of caffeine, aerobic activities like vigorous walking and a little sunshine can have great ramifications on your stress level and will enhance your entire outlook towards life. Aromatherapy can be tremendous help for alleviating stress; try using five or six drops of lavender oil in a warm bath or put two or three drops on a cloth and inhale from time to time during the day. If stress interferes frantically in your life then psychotherapy is the best option as it helps heavily in cutting down the unwanted stress.

Stress happens. No matter how organized you are, how conveniently your systems work and how friendly your environment and living atmospheres are, you can’t escape from stress. Sometimes, we have some friends or people in life whose voice itself perks up the whole air. So, take the pleasure of giving them a buzz at least for few minutes, have a hearty talk with them and then feel the sudden change in you. “Pen is mightier than sword”- this proverb can be applied quite effectively where you are in stress. Pen down the whole list of stressful activities that you have cooked up in your mind and also accompany them with the causes. If you are basically a loner by nature and don’t prefer to go about sharing things with people then this activity can be of immense use in trimming down the unwanted stress you are tied with. Exciting games; might include video games, computer games or any kind of exhilarating outdoor or indoor games do contribute loads in bringing down your stress as you can get a diversion for couple of hours. Work outs and hot bath are two most prevailing stress busters that rejuvenate you from within and also cuts down your stress without any loss.

Demoralizing hustle and bustle at workplace, an irreconcilable marital life, unruly kids, coquettish in-laws and a forlorn life gives birth to various puzzles in mind. It is then that this unwanted stress forms which again give rise to some tetchy circumstances in our life. You ought to analyze the origin of your stress, meet them and then solve them with the help of these varied stress busting ideas provided here.

Life is coupled with good and bad. Stress is a part of life and it should be met with a positive attitude. Escaping stress is not the exact way to get rid of it. You have to accept it and also work out strategically to curb it. All the respected stress busters provided in this section is fairly useful for reducing all kinds of stress and if you follow a perfect regime, you can positively uphold a stress free life.


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