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June = “Family Celebration”

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“The big reveal” We rolled a bunch of wedding anniversaries, Father’s Day, a baby shower, and birthday all into one big family celebration this month at our home along with an informal reveal of the office and exterior of our house remodel. For all intent and purposes we met our many goals…. after scaling back a tad knowing we need to save our pennies and put a lot of thought into re-landscaping the backyard and remodeling the pool.

We worked with several subcontractors who did an outstanding job from the landscape demo, to sandblasting, the replacement of the entire fascia on both stories, trim painting, re-stuccoing, and some unexpected roof repair, *ouch*. All the sweet touches were loving attended to first by me with all my crazy ideas and thrifty shopping to the other half of our dynamic duo who labored to place each jewel in the perfect spot from exterior lighting, welcome plaques, address numbers, and plants to dozens of other small touches that really has made our house a home…… thank you sweetheart… you do awesome work! All we need now are rain gutters and to have the house tented… then we can take a breath or two until the next project begins =]

Our “Family Celebration” took place on Saturday, June 20th…. all the guys went bowling while us girls had a shower for Kari and baby “Ollie” then enjoyed a yummy BBQ for Father’s Day and for dessert a birthday cake for me. Lots of gifts were given & received by all and I was completely surprised with a gorgeous ring to replace my very well worn wedding ring that had not only lost its luster but several diamonds as well over that last 29 years. I was shocked but pleased and can’t take my eyes off it…. Michael feels the same way about his Weber BBQ… I’m sure LOL

I can’t believe we are half way through 2009, although we have accomplished a ton of things and celebrated many family milestones we still have a lot to look forward to in the months ahead including the much anticipated births of two grandbaby-boys. I missed my dad terrible this Father’s Day but have learned how important it is to enjoy each day and everyone who is still here… thanks to my brother Tommy.

June 22nd…. welcome to the summer of 2009, I am so lucky to be me!!!!!!!! And give praise to God for all His blessings.

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