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Summer’s Almost Here… AGAIN!!!

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I fell in love with Spring this year. Fall has always held my heart but this year I found a second lover. I will miss Her too as the days grow hot and long.

When Tom was dying he asked me what sound set the mood for each day as I awoke in the morning. With out hesitation I answered, “Oh, birds singing.” Then I quickly cringed inside because I knew many a night he’d lay awake bothered by a mockingbird or two who’d perch outside his window taunting him to take aim with his pellet gun. He answered their calls a couple times but always felt so badly after carefully burying them in the backyard, wrapped regretfully in used tissue paper and placed in an old shoebox. He didn’t say a thing about my answer nor did we talk about it again. But I knew he and our brother John were making plans to meet up in a dream, after he died, and surf the cosmos. So when the birds began singing… all day and all night…. the rest of that summer Tom passed and all through the two winter’s, two fall’s and two spring’s he’s been gone… I knew Tom had sent them. I am filled with sweet joy each morning as their songs remind me of how much Tom and I love each other still.

June notes~ Many birthdays this month including aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and of course my own…. Happy birthday to me I’m sixtyone-derful. Stella got her 1st toofer!!! Happy Father’s Day to my attentive husband and BOTH our son’s this year. So pleased they are happy daddies who enjoy and cherish their families. This is the first Father’s Day since my dad passed into the light and the 24th will mark six months without him…………..

“There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s words when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself.” ~John Gregory Brown, Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery, 1994

…………I will wrap the cloth my father left around me and remember just how much my daddy loved me. Happy Father’s Day dad, I miss you so much.

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Embrace this moment... Remember we are eternal... All this pain is an illusion.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are the charming gardners who make our souls blossom"~Marcel Proust

“Grief shared is half grief. Joy shared is double.” ~ Proverb

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken."~Albert Camus

"A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory."

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors."~African Proverb